CCI is capable to provide a wide range of chemical products for oil and gas industries covering from drilling operation chemicals to refinery, petrochemicals and all chemical process industries. CCI has firm agreement with well-known international suppliers to import all kind of chemical to Sultanate of Oman.

  • Drilling Additives

All Types Of Drilling Muds - Drilling Bactricide – Antifoam -  Emulsifier - Foaming Agent -  Corrosion Inhibitor - Lubricant Agent - Drilling Pipe Stuck Additive - Oil Mud Wetting Agent

  • Oil field chemicals

Corrosion Inhibitors - Scale Inhibitors - Gas Hydrate Control - Oxygen Scavengers

- Wax Inhibitor - Asphaltene Inhibitor – Demulsifiers – Biocides - Foam Control Agents

- H2s Scavengers Drag Reducing Agents

  • Water treatment

Cooling water treatment -Boiler Water - Desalination systems - Waste water treatment

  • Oil Well stimulation additives

Corrosion Inhibitor - Corrosion Inhibitor Intensifier - Iron Control Agent - Mutual Solvent - Non-Emulsifier - Suspending Agent - Anti-Sludging Agent - Surface Tension Reducer - H2s Scavenger - Multifunctional Agent

  • Petrochemical Processing

 - Gasoline stabilizer- Antifoulant & Anti-polymerization- Corrosion inhibitor

- Antifoam- Water based oxygen scavenger - Iron passivator/ Nitrite based compound

- Carbonyl scavenger- Water Based Neutralizing Amine- Water Based Corrosion Inhibitor (or Filmer)

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