CCI can supply a huge variety of products from reliable suppliers worldwide according to most international standards specification.

  • Laboratory Equipments

CCI OIL TECH provide full range of oil and gas laboratory equipments for educational and research purpose. Including routine core analysis equipments, Special Core Analysis equipments and PVT analysis setups.

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Seamless Pipes -Welded Pipes and ERW Pipes - Longitudinally Welded SAW  - Spiral Welded    - Electric Resistance Welded (ERW)   -Seamless

Buttweld Fitting - Socket Weld Fitting -Threaded Fitting

TYPE: Gate Valve - Globe Valve- Ball Valve - Plug Valve - Butterfly Valve - Check Valve - Bellows sealed Valve - Pressure seal Valve - Breather Valve - ORBIT Valve - ARV or ARC Valve -Pressure Relief Valve -Rupture Disks - Control Valve

RATINGS: 150 | 300 | 600 | 900 | 1500 | 2500


Welding Neck Flange - Slip On Flange -Socket Weld Flange -Lap Joint Flange -Threaded Flange -Blind Flange - Welding Neck Flange -Slip On Flange -Socket Weld  Flange - Lap Joint Flange - Threaded Flange -Blind Flange 

Spiral Wound Gaskets- Non-Metallic Gasket - Grooved Gasket (Camprofile)-
Metal-Jacketed Gasket and RTJ type R gasket

Stainless Steel- Carbon Steel – Nickel Alloy Sheets and plates


Pressure transmitters -Level transmitters- Temperature transmitters- Flow transmitters- Limit switches- Ultrasonic low transmitters- Gauges- Rotameters- Control Systems


  • Pumps

All Kinds of Positive displacing pump and centrifugal pumps including Rotary lobe pump- Progressive cavity pump - Rotary gear pump - Piston pump - Diaphragm pump -Screw pump -Gear pump- Hydraulic pump -Rotary vane pump -Peristaltic pump -Rope pump -Flexible impeller pump


Centrifugal single-shaft compressors-  Centrifugal horizontally split compressors-  Conventional vertically split gas compressors-  Horizontal opposed compressors-  High speed oil-free compression system-  Oil-free vertical compressors-  Integrally geared compressors-  Isothermal compressors-  Axial-Flow compressors-  Reciprocating gas compressors-  Process reciprocating compressors-  Screw compressors-  Turbo expanders

Extraction condensing turbines & Backpressure turbines

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